18 February, 2021

The European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) was established in 2000, aiming to create a level playing field for European car sound quality competitions. At the same time, EMMA reunited the rules used to create a common set of rules for car audio competitions.

On the basis of standard and unified rules from EMMA for car audio competitions; Autobis in conjunction with Otosaigon continues to maintain and organize the EMMA Vietnam Car Sound Tournament 2019. This is the 5th time the tournament has been held. With the desire to create a playground for car enthusiasts and sound can exchange and connect with each other. At the same time, it will promote the motor vehicle movement in Vietnam to develop more officially and strongly.

EMMA 2019 was held successfully, monumentally, excitingly and is a must-see event for automotive enthusiasts in general and custom cars in particular.

•    EMMA Sound Quality (SQ)

o    Sound Quality: E-Category up to 2.000 Euro: Sound quality exams with systems worth not more than 2,000 Euro.
o    Sound Quality: S-Category up to 4.000 Euro: Sound quality exams with systems worth not more than 4,000 Euro.
o    Sound Quality: S-Category up to 5.000 Euro: Sound quality exams with systems worth not more than 2,000 Euro.
o    Sound Quality: X-Category Unlimited: Sound quality testing with a system that doesn't limit the amount of installation.

•    EMMA Multimedia 2.1: Multimedia entertainment category 2.1
•    EMMA Sound Pressure League (ESPL)

 o    The top rating category of sound systems is the maximum sound intensity (maximum level of volume).

•    EMMA Sound Quality League (ESQL)

o    ESQL Unlimited: Sound quality exam with the system is not limited; Only the front seat is available for use.

•    EMMA Tuning : Items for vehicles that are out of sound, and for other parts or functions of the car such as interior, paint, body, ...
•    Best of Sound: This is the freestyle category, for cars with the best in sound systems; There is no limit to the degree value or conditions.

Let's take a look at the impressive images of EMMA 2019 together with Autobis
As the main sponsor, Autobis brings the contest with the companionship of famous brands in the world of car audio accessories such as Focal Car Audio, Audible Physics, Kicker, German Maestro, Helix, ...

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