Audio of Focal - Beyond the audio experience.

19 February, 2021

Focal is a rich traditional French hi-end drive brand, with a history of more than 40 years. With audiophile, the brand JMLab Focal is no stranger. This effect is one of the manifestations that represents a gentle, special sound quality and gives a rich, French feel. The philosophical focus is that "Listen Beyond" means beyond audio experience. Focal's entire design is designed and a large refinement of events of great depth is done in France 100%.

Each of Focal's product collections is the result of sound solution advancements from ongoing research in intensive acoustics conferences in Europe. Focal's technological heritage is protected by numerous patents.

Focal's passion for music combined with the Focal founders' passion for cars led to the introduction of the In-Car Audio Collection in the 90s. Focal Car Audio provides sound systems. and synchronized components, optimized and aesthetic for the car. Combining pure driving pleasure with a love of sound and music, Focal Car Audio technology brings together the finest innovations in sound and material handling technology to enhance environmental sound and Make the customer journey on the car with the music more intense and the experience more enjoyable. Once again, with its philosophy - Listen Beyond, Focal Car Audio continues to inherit Focal JMLab's legacy of constant innovation, performance, the highest level of expertise and joy in the Focal brand values. Car Audio.
Autobis dealer currently distributes all 7 main product lines of Focal car audio

UTOPIA: 'À la carte' concept- the idea of ​​ordering
K2 POWER More than a product, a way of life!
FLAX EVO Perfect balance
POLYGLASS A perfect combination
ACCESS: Easy-to-access product line.
UNIVERSAL: Optimal compatibility.
AUDITOR: Your first Focal sound system

Focal products deliver an exceptional sound quality. Autobis has been providing partners and customers with outstanding audio solutions for their beloved cars. We wanted to configure the sound, with each sound processor optimally combined with the best quality drivers and drivers in each segment.

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